May 31, 2011

The birthing tweet

My husband burst out laughing when I told him what I had planned. "I'm going to tweet through my labor," I said. (you can insert more laughter here)

Some of you may wonder why I would want to do this or if I even CAN do it.  As for the latter, I'm wondering the same thing myself.

But as for the why, there are several reasons.  The main one is it will be a distraction.  And any kind of distraction is a good thing when you're trying to ignore the sensation of sparks flying out your backside.

The other reason is it will be something my child can hopefully read when he/she is older.  (barring of course any profanity-laden tweets about bastard nurses who won't give me my pain meds)

I just want to try.  I cannot make any promises on how long I will tweet or that the spelling will always be correct (but that never seems to matter on twitter, does it?)

The only promises I will make are that I will tweet as much as possible and try not to get too graphic.  No one wants too many TMI tweets.  As for the profanity.  Forgive me for that now.

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