May 10, 2011

Kick once for yes, twice for no

I truly believe one of the hardest parts of being a parent happens before the child is even born.  What the heck do we name it?

Maybe it would be easier if we knew the sex.  But just as with our first child, my husband and I decided not to find out. It may seem like torture for some women, but for me, I LOVE not knowing.

Except for the fact that this child does not have a name.  So now we need TWO names, I'm weeks away from delivery and we can't seem to agree. 

For my firstborn, it seemed kind of easy.  We looked through a baby name book and chose a boy name we liked.  And then over breakfast, I mentioned a girl name and the baby actually kicked me.  It was a sign.  That would be her name.

This time around, it's a battle. 

These are my husband's "rules". 

~We cannot use the boy name we chose for baby #1 because that was baby #1's name and since "it" was a girl, that boy name is no longer in contention. (whatever)
~If it's a boy, it cannot be named after him and it cannot (as I want) be named after the hot guy from the television show Sons of Anarchy. (Jackson or Jax is sooo cute, don't you think?)

~AND (get this) the entire name - first, middle and last - must have an odd number of syllables. (he's serious)

He mentioned Hunter for a boy, but I don't want to name our child after a sport.  Plus it was listed as the #5 most hated name online.  (full disclosure: Jackson was #10)

Our baby book has 1001 names in it.  You'd think we could choose two.  But at this point, I'm looking to my belly for a sign. 


  1. It's a boy!
    -Bill :-)

  2. Oh I so agree on picking a name being the hardest!!!! We didn't find out what sex with our first and we picked a girl's name easily and struggled for a good boys name. The only one we both liked but were far from settled on was Jackson!!! What a coincidence! But I didn't like it that much (I think it is adorable now but my sister named her son Jack and " stole" that option forever!) so thank god our first was a girl. With our second born I decided to find out the sex mainly so I would only have to choose one name! And since we were having a boy we again struggled to find the perfect name. We kept the middle name we had chosen for the mystery first child and narrowed our favorites down to a couple and decided when we saw his little face for the first time. I was pretty sure we were having a Jacob but his serious little face was much more William!! so in short - your previously picked name is totally fair game and in the moment you meet your little man or woman anything might go so just keep your favorites on hand and introduce your husband his adorable second child whose name will most asuredly fit:)