June 20, 2011

Can I please just shut the hell up??

I have become sick of my own voice.  I never thought I would be one of these women. But ever since my son was born, I have not been able to stop saying the words "NO" and "STOP" to my two year old daughter.

And I feel sooo bad about it. 

It actually started the day my daughter met her brother for the first time.  She came in and her face lit up with excitement.  I put her on my lap and then put the baby on her lap.  With my arms wrapped around both my children, I was filled with love and happiness.

Then the baby began to cry.  And before I knew it, my daughter was pushing the baby off of us.  "No!  You can't do that!!  The baby is DELICATE.  We have to be GENTLE."

And then there is this face she makes. Whenever she looks at my son, she clenches her teeth with such intensity and bugs out her eyes that it looks like she is going to eat him or smother him to death. 

And she has already thrown a remote control at him, keeps poking him on the head and has pushed him too high for comfort in his baby swing.

But my daughter is my baby too.  And I don't want to keep scolding her.  If anything, I feel like bitch-slapping myself every time I find myself getting too short with her. 

So how do I protect my newborn from his sister's unintentional aggression while at the same time limiting the reprimands?

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