July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony is guilty where it matters most

A lot of America is still in shock over the Casey Anthony verdict.  Most of the people I talked to thought this young mother killed her beautiful little girl Caylee.
Why? Because Casey lied to police about her daughter being with a non-existent nanny and then continued to party it up while her daughter was missing.

No mother whose child was missing would behave that way.  They would be canvassing neighborhoods, hitting the the airwaves and pleading for their child's return. But not Casey.  She apparently went into a "dark corner" and pretended nothing was wrong. She blamed her behavior on past sexual abuse by her father.  She eventually claimed Caylee died in a swimming pool accident and her father made it look like a murder.

Riiiight. Because THAT is what innocent people do.  They make accidents look like crimes.

So while Casey was found not guilty of first degree murder by a jury, the same cannot be said for the court of public opinion. Social media sites were blowing up with exasperated posts about a child killer being found innocent.

And those posts got me thinking.

What is worse? Being behind bars as a convicted child killer or out in a public that believes you are a child killer that got off scot free? It's a reputation O.J Simpson knows well and Casey will too.  While I'm sure she will have friends and family standing by her side and may even get married someday, I doubt many people will be able to meet her and not think "She's the one who killed her kid."

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