September 7, 2011

Get a life woman!

I try hard not to judge.  I often fail, but I do try.  But what I witnessed this past weekend was so dumb on so many levels that I can't help but blog about it.

I was able to hit up Sacramento's chalk-it-up event at Fremont Park. (GREAT event, by the way.  Marley had a blast!)

Anyways, knowing that there would be colored chalk, oh, I don't know...EVERYWHERE, I put some black stretch pants and a pink tank top on Marley.  She had a ball sitting on the ground and coloring all day long.

At one point when Marley was coloring, a 5-year-old girl came up and starting using Marley's chalk.  Marley became a little upset, since it was HER chalk, but we had a quick talk about sharing and everything turned out fine.  That is until the girl's mother literally ripped her daughter a new you-know-what in front of everyone!

The girl's mistake?  Wearing white shorts that were now covered in colored chalk. 

It all started when the mother told her daughter to not sit on the ground.  But then  this mother turned around and started playing with hula hoops, leaving this child to make one of two decisions.  Listen to mother and just stand here while SHE has all the fun or plop down with this two year old (Marley) and color.  Guess which one she chose?

So after Mommie Dearest had her fill of the hula hoops, she turned and saw her little girl was donning more colors than Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

"Oh my GOD!!  Look at your shorts!!! Didn't I tell you NOT to sit on the ground?  They are totally ruined!  This is why I never want to buy you clothes! 
(After taking a picture of shorts with iPhone) "Look at your butt!  Look! LOOK!!
(Now mommy's man is noticing everyone staring) "Uh, I think you're freaking out a little."
"Don't tell me I'm freaking out!!!" 
"You are in SO much trouble!!"

And off this pair went, the mother screaming bloody murder over a pair of shorts and the little girl not ONCE uttering a single sound.  No tears, no apology...nothing.

And that tells me one thing.  This little girl sees her mother "freak out" regularly. And why?  Because a pair of shorts had chalk all over them??

How about this mother dear?  Next time you are bringing your child to an art event, leave the designer shorts at home. 
She's five. She is going to get dirty.  Any parent worth their salt knows at least that much. 
So instead of caring so much about the fashion on your child's behind, how about putting a little love and patience in your own heart?


  1. Guess she has never heard of a little invention called bleach.... geeze some parents!

  2. "...put a little love in your heart."....sounds like a Mimi..ism.

  3. Kids get dirty. That's what they do. And there are lots of reports that support the idea that getting dirty is a way of learning.
    This lady needs to chill out!

  4. Freak. A classic case of the non-parental type spawning. Damn shame.

  5. I've totally over reacted at times.....what makes it worse is thinking people are judging me, then I get all emotional and over react more. I'm crazy like that LOL