September 13, 2011

Life changes...keep 'em coming!

I don't know what it is, but each time I have had a baby, another major life change is put before me. Like having a baby isn't a big enough change.

When I had my daughter in 2009, I was back at work for just two weeks when I was offered a job in Los Angeles. The timing wasn't right and I passed.

In June, I had my son.  I just got back to work last Tuesday and my final day will be this Friday.  It's another job offer, this time from KGO Radio in San Francisco.

I'm a Bay Area girl.  I was born and raised in San Jose and actually did my college internship at KGO.  It is the one station I said I would work at when I graduated with my degree in journalism.

And now that dream has come true.

But I have to admit, it wasn't an easy decision to make.  I knew I wanted the job.  That was about it. But I am a Sacramento homeowner, my daughter has friends, WE have friends and a life that I love. 

Plus I just had a baby!  

I know some people say, "just commute!"  Easier said than done.  When I calculated gas and time away from my family (and newborn son), it just didn't make sense to stay. 

So after accepting a work schedule that will still allow me to raise my kids most of the week, we're moving back to my hometown.  My parents and in-laws will be watching the kids, which I am sure will lead to some hilarious future blog posts.

We have started packing (God how I HATE packing!) and will be making the big move in a few short days.  There will hugs, maybe some tears, but hopefully more laughter and excitement at what's to come.

Because if I have learned anything in my nearly six years here, it's that anything you want in this world is yours for the taking.   

To my friends at KFBK...thank you.  Thank you for teaching me, laughing with me and...putting up with me. I know things will be MUCH quieter without my loud voice booming throughout the newsroom. I will never forget any of you and I know our paths will continue to cross.

To those who I have met along my news travels, please know San Francisco is not THAT far away.  Let's continue to collaborate and make some radio gold.

And to those in San Francisco...I'm coming!  I can't wait to bring my personality to the city. 

You might need some earplugs!


  1. Congratulations ! Best wishes on your new job!

  2. We can't wait to welcome you to the KGO family!