October 6, 2011

Welcome back!

So I'm back in my parent's house.  Well, let me rephrase that.  Me and my entire family are in my parent's house.

And so far, so good. There haven't been any real problems. And except for my daughter's breakdown (see previous blog post), things have been smooth sailing.

But I wanted to give you all a quick update on the pros and cons of living with your parents when you are a parent yourself.

Pro: They are there when you need them.  

I don't have to drive anywhere to drop off the kids before work.  I just say, "See ya!" and I'm off!  Love it!

Con: They are always there.

Let me be blunt. Trying to "get some" with an infant in the room is bad enough.  But it's worse when your parents are sleeping right above your room.

No scratch that.

What's worse is NOT "getting some" and realizing your parents are!!!

Pro: The house is nicer than when I lived there as a child.

The parents remodeled the house a few years ago and it is niiice!!  The kitchen, the downstairs master bedroom (which is now our humble abode!), everything!

Con: My daughter is one marker away from destroying the house.

Seriously.  She came into my room after coloring her pink sweatsuit with a multicolored highlighter.  My heart dropped into my butt as I prayed she only colored herself and NOT my parent's WHITE microfiber couch!! (she didn't.  yet.)

Con 2.0: The house has wall to wall hardwood flooring. 

When mixed with my family's natural tendency to speak loudly and the fact that the downstairs TV has a volume control problem, well, let's just say Dylan will NOT be noise sensitive.

Pro: My mom's a nurse.

Poor little Dylan has been battling a cold for weeks and it is totally reassuring to know my mom is there to help and answer any questions.

Con: My mom's a nurse.

She knows exactly what kind of virus/flu/plague is swirling around and it's unnerving.

I'm sure there will be more pro/cons during the three or so months we will be living at Casa de Medoro.  But I must say that I am very lucky.  Not everyone can go home again, especially with a husband and two kids in tow.

But my family has always been there when I needed them.  And it feels good to be "home".

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  1. Pay rent. That way, you can bang on the ceiling and tell them to knock it off.