July 24, 2012

A letter to my children

Something bad happened today.  

You are both way too young to understand why people are crying on the television. But to try and put it simply, people went out for a night that was supposed to be fun and it ended up being the last thing several of them did.

Someday, when you are a parent, you'll know what it feels like to watch a moment like this play out.  And I'll bet you candies to cakes that the face of your own child will flash in your mind.

I'm sure you'll feel a flood of emotions and reactions. You'll possible contemplate keeping your child at home for the rest their lives, maybe pulling them out of school and seriously ponder whether you even live in the right country.

You may then hesitate if your kid wants to stay out later, go on a road trip or join their friends for the midnight showing of a blockbuster movie.

But while I would love nothing more than to put bubble tape around all the hard edges of your life, I can't. 

Because it is these moments, when you are pricked by the hard realities of life, that you must remember LIFE IS WORTH LIVING, not being wasted in the fear of what COULD happen.  

Go have fun.

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