July 10, 2012

A message to the older generation

Being a parent in front of your own parents can be very interesting. Because there come moments when you as a parent have to decide whether you are going to raise your children the same way YOU were raised.
Isn't it funny how kids all have minds of their own? You would think if a child is raised in a house with certain beliefs, THEY would maintain those beliefs when they got older.

But that is not always the case. Take the recent story about actor Brad Pitt's mom Jane. She wrote a letter in her hometown paper urging Christians to still vote for Romney even though the man is Mormon. She went on to write that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a liberal who among other things supports same-sex marriage.

The whole thing made me laugh. I love how Mama Pitt thinks that just because her son is a famous actor people who were on the fence would suddenly say, Ya know? I was GOING to vote for Obama, but the Pitt lady totally changed my mind!"

But was she trying to change other people's minds or just her own child's? Are Pitt family dinners like MY family dinners where we drink bottle after bottle of wine debating everything under the sun?

Was Mama Pitt so tired of hearing her son come out in support of something she is against that she took to writing a very public letter, in hopes that maybe he would come around?

I hope she isn't holding her breath.

Because when you think back to past civil rights issues, there had to come a point when a child, no matter what the age, looked at the older generation and said what YOU believe is NOT what I believe. Oh...and pass the wine.


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