July 16, 2012

Work it out!

If you have more than one child, then I'm sure this is a scenario you've encountered. You're out of the room when suddenly you hear a crash, a thud, maybe some screaming from your kids.
In a huff you go see what's the matter and what do you find? Paint on the wall, the dog is covered in tape, there is some mystery substance ground into the carpet and of course the kids are fighting over what was once an insignificant toy but has now become there own personal precious.
That is when you as a parent, throw up your hands and say, WORK IT OUT.

And that is the exact message I have for DirecTv and Viacom.

They are bickering like children over what to one is billions of dollars and to the other is pennies...but you know what? I don't care.

I KNOW that my kids shouldn't watch TV and I KNOW that this is a first-world problem where the universe seems to implode when MTV and Comedy Central are not readily available.

But I'm not talking about THOSE channels. I need my Nick Jr. back.

I have a precious 90 minutes in the morning to get up from bed, get myself semi-presentable (ok, not really presentable), wake the baby, feed the baby, dress the 3 year old, feed the 3 year old, brush the 3 year old's hair and teeth...without mixing up the brushes and get the kid to preschool.

Do you know what Nick Jr. gives me? The time to make and drink a single, hot steaming cup of coffee. And you know what? That's not too much to ask.

So you know what DirecTV and Viacom?? I don't care who's at fault. Work it out!

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