October 9, 2012

A parent's worst nightmare

I don't think there are news stories I hate more than when children are killed. And it is worse when the death is an accident and the actual parent plays a role.

Like the father that thinks he is shooting an intruder who turns out to be his son, the three year old who accidentally shoots himself after finding his father's gun or the child left to die in a hot car after a parent forgets to drop her off at daycare.

These are horrible mistakes that have tragic consequences.

So what kind of punishment should these parents receive for being responsible for their child's death? 

I say nothing.

No jail time, no prison, no death sentence. 

Because there is NO punishment worse than knowing you had a hand in your child's death. That is a nightmare these parents have to live with for the rest of their lives. And a guilt I believe no one can imagine.

Sadly, these parents can also not fully escape the judgement of the often cruel public who can stare with eyes of blame and constant questions of "how could you?" 

And I'm sure these parents see and hear the same thing every time they look in the mirror.

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