October 17, 2012

Would you want to know?

In an amazing twist, the remains of one of the victims of the Speed Freak serial Killers also contained a tiny bone fragment. And tests are being done to see if the tiny bone is that of missing Hayward nine year old Michaela Garecht. The little girl disappeared back on November 19, 1988. I remember her disappearance because she was about my age at the time.

Someone asked me if I was Michaela's parent, would I want that bone fragment to be hers? And without missing a beat, I said yes.

Because finally, the question about what happened to my little girl would finally be answered.

Of course I would have to let go of the hope. The hope that was reinforced with stories like Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was found alive 18 years after being kidnapped.

But what would also end would be the uncertainty and the frightening images created in my mind of what could be happening to my child if she was still alive. Was she being tortured?  Raped?

I'm sure the dream all parents of kidnapped children have is just to wrap their arms around them, look into their eyes and see a light...a recollection of what life was like before a monster tore them apart.

But if that is not possible, I have to believe that an answer to what happened to my child and the ability to bury whatever small part is left in this world is a small consolation to the tragedy I hope never to experience.

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