December 5, 2012

Being a kid again

I did it!  I didn't think it could be done, but I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and it's not even December yet.

No I did not go on Thanksgiving or Black Friday because that would be insane. But I did go that weekend, got to the mall right when it opened and six hours later, I was done.

And it was interesting. When I was buying presents for the adults in my life, I felt fine. Kind of like shopping feels any other time of the year.

But then I started shopping for the kids in my life.

And as I perused toy aisle after toy aisle, I found I was having a blast. Not only are toys nowadays absolutely awesome, but it was so much fun imagining the child playing with it.

I picked out dress up clothes and saw my daughter and niece dancing around in them. I picked out a cool puzzle and saw my kids putting it together. It was like I was having Christmas morning all by myself inside my head.

I vividly remember being young and opening up the toy catalog.  You remember, the mammoth one the store BEST used to send?  And I remember not wanting toys any more. I was getting too old. Clothes and music became more my style and the dolls and games were not.

But now I get to have that thrill again. Opening up the toy catalog and walking down the toy aisle has meaning again.

And I guess that is one of the great things about having kids in your life. You get to be one again too.

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