December 12, 2012

It's not just for girls...or boys.

This Christmas, family is flying in from all over and one of the things my mother can't wait to do is get all her grandkids in the kitchen to bake.

Half a dozen kids and one grandmother covered in cookie dough should be quite a sight!

Of course my son and nephew will be baking right alongside all the girls. And it is THAT image that stuck in my mind when I read about a New Jersey teen who wrote Hasbro all upset about their Easy Bake Oven.  

She said her four year old brother wants one for Christmas, but since it is purple, the teen felt it was only being marketed toward girls.

She wants a gender-neutral one made so her brother doesn't feel embarrassed when his friends come over to play with it.

I think this teen is missing her own point.  

She is upset because an easy bake oven is made in colors she associates with girls and yet she wants to change Hasbro's thinking that baking is just for girls.

How about believing that NONE of that matters?

Colors are JUST colors and if baking shouldn't just be for girls, then why do certain colors have to be?  

Especially purple.  Kings wear purple, right?

To the teen I say buy the oven.  And if it makes you feel better, put Spiderman stickers all over it.  

Yes, if the oven was white, it may not instantly evoke images of girls, but I'm sure the smell of something delicious baking inside will overpower any concern about the color.

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