January 14, 2013

Go ahead. Blame the media. We can handle it.

It's so easy to blame the media.  Really it is.

If you cover something too much, you're criticized and if you don't report on something, then you're not paying attention to the important stuff.

And unless you are part of the media, it can be hard to understand the juggling act many of us endure. especially when things like what happened at Sandy Hook occur.

I am not making excuses. The interview with children, the round-the-clock reporting, the images...they are at times hard to justify if you can at all.

But as a parent AND a member of the media, I hope people can  understand that the voices you hear on the radio, the faces you see on TV and the pictures online are done by people who do have families.

We are parents, we are brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

When something like this happens, we also see the faces of their own children and those we love.

We cry, we scream, we pray.

And remember, while you can complain about the coverage, you CAN also turn off the radio, TV and shut down the internet.

We in turn have to still our voice, dry our eyes and do our job.

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