January 14, 2013

When technology and toilets mix it up

If you have children in your life, then there is no doubt you remember the absolute hellish experience of potty training.

Sitting next to tiny toilets, pull up diapers, lots of stickers on reward charts, guzzling liquids, wet floors and messy baths.

But the experience is about to get sooo much easier because in this day and age when we can not do ANYTHING without bringing a piece of technology with us comes the iPotty.

Yes, for about 40 dollars you can buy a special toilet where there is an attachment for your iPad.  Might as well start them early.  I'm mean what do people do when they are doing number two?  Just sit there and THINK?

There are some that would say it is no different than reading a book or playing a game on our phone.  

But really? Seriously?

Do we really need to hand two year olds, who have little to no control over their bodily fluids, an expensive electronic device so that they can play games for so long that they finally go to the bathroom?

Do we need potty apps and special iPad attachments to toilets?

I don't know.  It seems weird to me.

And can you imagine the germs on that iPad?

1 comment:

  1. No. This is utter ridiculousness... It disgusts me. Really people you can't even take time out of your day to sit at the potty a few minutes with your child? If its just as good as a book, get one... and read it to your child. Put some damn effort into it. I'm sorry but this is just one addition to the utter hands off approach that some parents are taking these days and I can't stand it...