February 21, 2013

Beating the one who knows you best

When the 49ers won their way into the Super Bowl on Sunday and after the hugging, hive-fiving and dancing, my dad told me I HAD to blog about our team making it to the big game.  

I told him in no uncertain terms that there was no angle that would make the Super Bowl an appropriate topic for my blog.

That's because I was SURE we were going to face the Patriots.

But no, for the next two weeks, we will constantly be hearing the term Har-bowl.  

Brother against brother, the upcoming game will have more significance because the person in their lives that should be their support, will instead be their adversary.

Oh sure, we'll hear soundbites of them congratulating each other, talking about the other being a great coach with a great team and it will be a great game.

But come on.  

Your sibling is your first friend, but also your first competitor. 

And there is nothing like beating the one who knows you best. 

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