February 21, 2013

Lessons learned by a (temporary) mother of four

I asked the husband and best friend to do a major home improvement project at the house this weekend.

Sounds awesome, right? 

It was.  Except that meant I had to watch four kids all day long by myself.

I know there are people that have four, if not more kids. 

But I don't. 

So when all was said in done, I learned several things.

1: Shower early.  Kids don't care if you stink and there is no way four kids are going to sit quietly and play with their toys while you clean up.

2: Buy lots of food.  Just because they are under the age of 5 does not mean they don't eat like grown men. I seriously went through an entire container of strawberries, bunch of bananas, hot dogs, milk, crackers and a brick of cheese.

3: Kids forget to flush.   

4: Boys are gross. And they like to play in toilet water. See number 3.

5: Bath goo sounds fun.  But skip the bath part and just put that goo in a bowl and head outside.

6: Fingerpainting is fun.  But don't turn your back. Ever.

7: All that food you bought and they ate has to go somewhere. When checking diapers, don't stick your finger in too deep.

8: Even the best of friends, get tired of each other after a full day together.  Come up with some solo activities, even if they last only a short time.

9: Join in the fun.  I had four ghosts making scary sounds all around me while I tried to cook dinner.  It was easier to play along then to get them to play elsewhere.

10: Buy lots of beer.  The men will be demanding it for their hard work and you'll probably want to tip one back when the little ones finally go to bed.


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