February 21, 2013


By now, most of you have probably heard, if not seen the video of the young woman in a Miami court, who gets smart with the judge by laughing and saying "adios" that he increases her bond, which leads her to flip him off, so he sentences her to 30 days in jail.

Oh how things can quickly snowball.

We now have learned she had a pill-popping addiction in addition to that attitude problem.  

She tearfully apologized to the judge who then reversed her 30 day sentence.

All while her parents sat in court in what I can only assume is a state of total embarrassment.

But maybe they weren't ashamed.  

Maybe this is exactly where they knew she be because she is a smart-alack kid who thinks she is too cool for school.

When I saw that video, all I thought to myself is "that is one girl who never learned about respect."

I don't want to speak in absolutes and say that all 18 year olds act the same way.

But I also know that 18 is old enough to know better.  

Could this woman not look down at her orange jail jumpsuit and realize the trouble she was in?

Could she not shut her trap long enough to not add to the problems she was facing?

No.  Her mouth kept running, her hands kept stroking her long hair as though it was a genie lamp that she could use to wish this all away.

But eventually, she apologized with tears in her eyes and the judge reversed her 30 day contempt sentence.

Which I think is a shame.  

Because I'm sure this wasn't the first time she turned on the waterworks to get out of trouble and now it definitely won't be the last.

A month in jail would have done her some good by teaching her about the true consequences of her actions.

A lesson she obviously hasn't been getting the past 18 years of her life.

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