March 21, 2013

Avoiding violence by removing love.

Is this really what the world has become?

I have never heard of such a stupid idea as the one happening at St. Mary's County school district in Maryland.

They are banning....hugs.

If you're a parent and it's YOUR child, hug them all you want.  But if it's another child...maybe your kid's best friend...HANDS OFF!

You can't push another kid on the swing, you can't put a band aid on their knee.  NO TOUCHING OTHER  KIDS!!

And this idea is in response to the massacre at Newtown.

Give me a break.

Kids need hugs.  They need love.  And they need to know the difference between what is the "right" kind of touching and the "wrong" type of touching.

But this HANDS OFF policy is actually just going to hurt kids.

I can't imagine my child crying at school and a teacher not being able to console her because she is not her child.

It is wrong.

The world needs more love, not less of it.

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