March 25, 2013

Let's not be so quick to criticize.

It happens ALL THE TIME.

I put both the kids in the car and then realize I forgot (fill in the blank).

I get out of the car, take my keys (to open the house) and lock the car before going inside.

But today, a mother did not take those steps.

She put her baby in her running vehicle and went back inside the house.  When she came out, her car and baby were gone!

Can you imagine??

Her mind instantly racing.  Trying to catch a description of the person who snatched her baby.  Calling police and having to tell them HOW this happened.  The story plastered all over the media! Her license plate number on highway signs.

And praying that a momentary mistake won't cost her her child.

Thankfully, the baby was found unharmed.

So of course, the trolls come out.

"She shouldn't have left her baby alone!"

Well, that is NOT always possible.  Take for instance removing groceries from the car when it is just you and a baby.  At some point, the baby MAY have to be left alone either in the car or in the house.

"She shouldn't have left the keys in the car!"

No, she shouldn't have. And I'm sure she never will again.

We need to stop being so quick to demonize the woman and use her ordeal as a learning lesson.

None of us are perfect parents.  We all make mistakes.

And luckily for this mother and little girl, they will be able to remember this lesson together.

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  1. Guilty! Especially of the example you cited -- unloading groceries. You can do the hard process of juggling baby/toddler in one arm while carrying bags of groceries inside one by one. But eventually one of those arms will give out.