March 7, 2013

Nothing wrong with Daddy's (or Mommy's) money

The newest outrage among mom bloggers is these new shoes from Sketchers called Daddy's Money.

These writers are apparently upset that 

1) They portray young ladies as just spoil brats that get anything they want from daddy.  Or (gasp!) their sugar daddy.

2) The two inch wedge hidden in the heel of the sneaker is bad for a developing young girl.


It's funny how people aren't up in arms over those license plates that read "daddy bought it but I got it". It's the same message right?

And the two inch wedge is all of a sudden a problem?  Are these mothers making their daughters wear flats to the prom?  Give me a break.

My dad was the first person to really teach me the value of a dollar.  He got me into the habit of having separate envelopes in my dresser drawer for things like rent and gas and bills.  And that really came in handy during those waitressing years.

But he was also the one who in high school gave me five, ten, twenty bucks every time I asked right before going out with my friends.  

Did it make me spoiled?  Maybe if I wasn't also getting the financial education. 

I wanted a new car.  He made me pay him 300 bucks for almost a year before he would co-sign. Just so he could see that I could make the payments.

It's called balance.  

There is nothing wrong with buying your kids what you can afford.  But at the same time, there needs to be a lesson in the value of money.

As for those shoes, at the worst, calling them Daddy's Money is an insult to all mothers out there.

Mommy's Money actually has a nice ring to it.

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