October 30, 2013

Is twerking the best you've got?

So a Southern California high school is banning twerking at its school dances.

They say it is too sexually-suggestive, so it is being added to the banned-dance list that already includes freaking and grinding.

I have to admit, this story gives me flash backs of my high school days.

Back then, freaking and grinding weren't allowed, although kids still did it.  And I went to a Catholic school all my life!

And while I understand that hormone-filled teenagers are looking for any reason to rub up against each other, I also think the problem is there just aren't enough new dance moves created anymore.

Yes, there is the "Dougie" and the "Cupid Shuffle".  But really? That's it???

The imagination of this generation is boundless, but all people can come up with is to "bounce your booty?"

What do you think? And am I missing some dance moves that better define this generation than twerking?

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