June 7, 2012

You will not silence me (or my mom)

Being in the news business, I read and hear about all kinds of crazy things.  But some things really boggle my mind.

I just heard a story about seniors being denied their high school diplomas because of excessive cheering by family members during graduation ceremonies. In one case, a mother was actually ARRESTED for cheering.

WHAT?!? Good thing the "cheering police" weren't at an awards ceremony I attended a few years back.  My parents, who are always proud of me no matter how old I am, WANTED to come and see me pick up a couple of awards for a radio series I did.

And when my name was read not once, but twice, my mother was screaming and cheering so loud, I actually had to give her a look to make her stop.  (not like she did!)

I understand that graduations can take a long time, especially when you factor in cheering.  But after four years of high school...the tests, the dances, the possible bullying, the extra-curricular activities...parents and students deserve some loud cheering.

It is a fabulous feeling to jump up and down and celebrate life's great accomplishments. Shame on schools for trying to silence the joy.

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