August 29, 2012

The "party" life

My family and some friends went camping over the weekend. It was six adults and four kids. We went to Tahoe...this place called Zephyr Cove.
When I say this is a party beach...I mean a PAR-TAY beach. There was a bachelorette party happening, a girl who apparently couldn't drink without the use of a beer bong and the average age of the people there had to be 25.

And then there was us. A couple of mid-30s parents with their two preschool girls, a toddler and a ten month old boy.

We even had a pack and play with us. We were that cool.

And as I was sitting there doing some excellent people watching, my friend turned to me and asked if I could imaging NOT having the kids there.
And I couldn't.

I mean, yes I remember a time before kids when we went to this beach. But now, if my kids aren't with me, it's not the same. I'm thinking about them, talking about them, finding moments that they would really love if they were there.

Basically, I did 25. I did that age really good. I went out after the sun went down and didn't come back home until it was up.  I did the no worries about tomorrow and the who cares about yesterday.

And now that part of my life is over.
 And that is perfectly fine.
So for those thinking about having kids really young, I say wait. Go have fun. So someday when there is HUGE party happening right in front of your face, you won't feel like you are missing out.
But instead you'll know you're having an even better time...with your kid.

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  1. I have no regrets becoming a father at 23. There's something to be said for having the energy of a 20-something to keep up with toddlers. And, it felt great to be the youngest parent at her high school graduation! Yes, you are still stupid and will make mistakes as a 20-something parent. Having lost my own father when I was just 22, I missed that relationship, along with his sage advice as I grew older, which may have prevented some of those stupid mistakes. But my daughter is now 37, and we are closer than ever. It has given her the opportunity to learn about me, before I become a drooling puddle of uselessness.