Have you heard about this Rhode Island school district that banned father daughter dances after a single mother complained?  The woman says holding the dance discriminates against her daughter because she doesn't have a father figure to take her.

Then the ACLU apparently jumped in saying in the 21st century, schools should not have father daughter dances or mother son baseball games because that is playing into stereotypical gender roles.

Give me a break.

This all started because the father daughter dance is a physical example for the mother of what went wrong with the man who fathered her child.  I'm not saying it is her fault.  Maybe he died, maybe he lives far away...whatever the case, it is a sad situation made worse when things like father daughter dances come around.

But that doesn't mean that the tradition should be eliminated. 

I had a blast at my father daughter dance with my dad.  One year, we even won a trophy.  He still tells the story of how I wore combat boots with my dress and kept flipping my hair around as I danced.  It's something neither of us will forget. 

And what about girls who look forward to possibly the one night all year they have their dad all to themselves? One night where maybe a significant conversation could be had about how a man should treat a woman or that she can be anything in this world?

The father daughter relationship is one not to be taken lightly.  How a woman allows herself to be treated can be influenced by the first man in her life.  I feel sorry for those that don't know what that is like.  But I also don't believe special moments should be sacrificed for the few that unfortunately and for whatever reason can't participate.